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10. 10., 15.00–18.00

Maja Hodošček 

In Slovenian in English
Free admission

BE PART: International Assembly II

Sleep allows us to survive. When we sleep, we also dream, and our dreams can be creative. Examples from history show that sleep can inspire ideas, leading towards scientific inventions (J. Watson’s discovery of DNA structure), hit songs (Yesterday by The Beatles), and technical solutions (E. Howe’s invention of the sewing machine). Is it possible to influence dreams with our desire to find solutions for personal, professional, or wider social problems? Can dreams direct us towards certain actions when we are awake?

At the workshop developed by artist, educator, curator and researcher Maja Hodošček, high school students will acquaint themselves with diverse methods for conscious dream direction from ancient approaches to techniques of different art movements and advertising campaigns disclosing how corporations wish to colonise our most intimate subconscious states (the Coors Brewery advertising campaign). They will also explore whether dreams can be used to create community ties and design new disobedience strategies. Finally, they will create participatory sound art works out of textual and visual materials: socially engaged lullabies for a better tomorrow.

The one-day workshop will take place for the first time on October 9th. Apply by 8 October at, where you can also obtain more information about the two workshops.

Organisation: City of Women as part of the European project BE PART co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union; in co-operation with Bunker – Old Power Station; supported by: Creative Europe, Ministry of Public Administration.