Self-Portraits in Imaginary Places, design by Noemi Hans Self-Portraits in Imaginary Places, design by Noemi Hans
Slovenian premiere of musical work for the stage
6. 11., 20.00–21.00

Aleksandra Bajde
Self-Portraits in Imaginary Places

2021, 60′
12/10/8 € (
ticket reservations and sales at the venue)

Aleksandra Bajde’s scenic musical work for a female singer/performer, ensemble, electronics, movement, video and light explores the complex relationships between sound and silence, tension and release, movement and stillness, light and darkness, and melody and noise. It examines the simultaneous perception of sound, movement and light in tangible, geographical places, as well as the metaphysical landscapes giving space to other meanings, feelings, dreams, and symbols. The synaesthesia of this musical work for the stage also reflects the process of its creation, for it is the product of collaboration of many people merging their artistic languages and skills.

Aleksandra Bajde’s composition Self-Portraits in Imaginary Places was awarded the Theodor Körner Förderpreis Award.

Creative team:
Aleksandra Bajde – voice, composition, concept
Lili M. Rampre – movement, choreography
Conny Zenk – light architecture

In collaboration with:
Isabella Forciniti – electronics, modular synthesizers
Schallfeld Ensemble


Organisation: Cankarjev dom in co-operation with the City of Women; supported by: Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport (BMKOES), SKE, Theodor Körner Fond, Austrian Cultural Forum Ljubljana.




Video: Urša Bonelli Potokar