The Fourth Corner – Rights for Our Fights, photo: Mojca Senegačnik The Fourth Corner – Rights for Our Fights, photo: Mojca Senegačnik
Festival and exhibition opening with performance
2. 10., 19.00–20.30

Dr Xenia
The Fourth Corner: Rights for Our Fights


Free admission

Dr Xenia is a middle-aged collective entity combining various identities; it is a new collective body of authors from Celje: Andreja Džakušič, Simon Macuh, Keiko Miyazaki and Iva Tratnik. In the last decade, they have in different combinations formed a number of artist groups: SIVA, IvAn, IvAnKe and AnKo.

Dr Xenia brings together a variety of identities shaped through their education, upbringing and, above all, work, producing an active, even activist persona that doesn’t believe the world can change, but wants to do just that. Xe invents new games and rules, making sure that good people win, and the prizes are fairly distributed among everyone. Xe believes that games are a product of labour that everyone is supposed to enjoy as Dr Xenia finds pleasure in the pleasure of others. The time of isolation has allowed Dr Xenia to get to know at least three corners of our homes (according to the Slovenian proverb*) while the unspoken fourth corner seems to refer to an entity that can stretch its influence beyond the four walls. Dr Xenia’s games are choreographies of the four corners, which are inevitably “dysfunctional” as there are no winners or losers.

*Literal translation: “The wife supports three corners of the house (the husband only one.)”

Curated by Ana Grobler, Sebastian Krawczyk and Vesna Bukovec.

Dr Xenia’s opening performance Rights for Our Fights will begin at 19.00.

A guided tour of the exhibition with Andreja Džakušič, Simon Macuh, Keiko Miyazaki and Iva Tratnik will take place on 12 October at 17.00 in both the Slovenian and English language.

On view until 28 October.

Co-production: KUD Mreža – Alkatraz Gallery, SCCA-Ljubljana, City of Women; thanks to: Neja Berlič, Mojca Senegačnik, Mihaela Žveglič, Boxing Club Intercom Celje, Cona Institute, Forum Ljubljana, Škuc Gallery





Video: Tina Šulc