Nataša Burger graduated in French and Slovenian language from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana, and in theatre acting from the Jaroslav Ježek Theatre Conservatory in Prague. She also has a degree in author’s acting and pedagogics from the DAMU theatre academy in Prague. She has been a freelance artist throughout her career. She has acted in theatres in Prague and numerous Slovenian, Czech and foreign films and series. She has taught acting at the Barica Blenkuš theatre school, the Secondary Preschool Education, Grammar School and Performing Arts Grammar School Ljubljana and the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica. One year, she also taught the module Dialogue with Oneself (Dialogické jednání) at the DAMU theatre academy in Prague. She founded (and, for two years, managed) a small film school in Ljubljana and headed actor preparations for performances in numerous Slovenian films. She has written several theatre plays and two monodramas in Czech and Slovenian languages, acting and directing them herself. She has received the Vesna Award for best female lead in the film Uglaševanje (Tuning, 2005) directed by Igor Šterk and the Vesna Award for best supporting actress in the film Ruševine (Ruins, 2004) directed by Janez Burger.


A tribute to Barbara Sušec Michieli (1967–2011)
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