Performative Conversations, courtesy of Building Conversation Performative Conversations, courtesy of Building Conversation
7. 10., 16.00–19.00

Building Conversation 
Performative Conversations

In Slovenian and English

Free admission

Building Conversation is a platform for dialogical art, focused on the meeting of art, conversation and society. It explores innovative ways to engage in thought-provoking topics through the power of interactive art and performance as well as other creative social endeavours. These artistically driven shared experiences are designed to spark creativity, inspire openness and foster a more conscious line of communication, helping us gain revelatory insights into how we can positively impact the constructs of social interaction.  
By unlearning and challenging what convention has taught us about the art of conversation, we afford ourselves more room for self-reflection and original thought, hereby granting ourselves the freedom to conceive our own novel means of communication. 

At the City of Women Festival, you can participate in one of the following performative conversations: Parliament of Things, Agonistic Conversation, Impossible Conversation, and Conversation without Words. You will find out more about them at the venue where you can choose which one you want to participate in. After the conversation, you will meet up with all the other participants to share your experience during a meal.

The conversations will take place on 7 October in Slovenian and 8 October in English from 16.00 to 19.00 (two conversations), and from 20.00 to 23.00 (another two conversations). Apply by 6 October at

Organisation: Building Conversation and City of Women as part of the European project BE PART co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union; in co-operation with Bunker – Old Power Station and Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana; supported by: Creative Europe, Ministry of Public Administration. 



Video: Tina Šulc